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Motor pool





The arrow marks Saitosaki. The town is OFF LIMITS. There is also a boat in the picture on a trailer.Another view of motor park.Sailboats for the use of GIs.corner of the motor poolMotor Pool. 4 ton Diamond T'sHere are the tanks again. If the picture was plainer it would really be nice.Honey Cart Minus Honey BucketsThis was taken from the window of my barracks.I took this off a bridge in the town.  It's a group of Japanese children swimming in the river.This shows the motor pool and M-4 tractors which pull the guns.Corner of Motor Pool, tanks and 155 HowitzerThis arrow marks FokoukaThese are tanks to be fixed by the Ordinance Detachment in our Motor pool.  They really should be called self propelled 105 Howitzers (can not read more)