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Various pictures of base and on train ride to Beppu.



This is the C.P. BuildingThis shows the Parade ground and the Quonset hut where we use to have movies.The ink blot marks Fukouka. The day was dark so it isn't very plain.This was our mess hall and the next building up was the barracks.This shows PX, Beer Hall and Beer Garden.The small building is the Battalion Supply office.  The big one of course is the Motor Pool.This is a Hydro-Electric plant.  It still has some of the camouflage paint on it.  A lot of the buildings and bridges are still camouflaged ones here.This was taken from the train.This is ye Olde Barracks.  Isn't quite as nice as it looks but it is nice.  (I believe my father's room was 3rd and 4th windows, bottom left)Just a picture of the parade grounds, Battalion Supply Office, and the 52nd F.A. B.N. Motor Pool.  Oh yes, X marks the (can't read)A picture of a bridge taken from the train.This shows half the barracksA small bridge. Also taken from the train going to Beppu.This was taken from the train.