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Fukouka and Beppu, Japan.



This is when they were getting ready to fire the 48 gun salutes.Also the 48 gun salute.This is a picture of the 48 gun salute to the States on July 4th. This will give you an idea of how twisting the roads where up at Beppu. This is a tame part of the road.Seen from atop the barracks.This is Sgt. Bush. He was our Battalion Motor sargeant  but he was transferred to Fukouka Military Government team or just plain MG.KitaYufu as seen from a road leading down out of the mountains from our romp in Beppu. This is Herzherg, One of the Service battery mechanics. He's a swell guy and a good mechanic. He's fixing a SV.BTRY. truck at Beppu.A few of the Boys. Left to Right , Marks, Owen, Lee, and LePort. In font is Strum from Chicago. All swell guys. It was taken at Kurume. I wasn't withThis is B.S.O. Battalion Supply Office it's right next to the motor pool.Railroad tower.This is Locke, Smith, and Sutton.This is Sgt. Smith standing in front of the theatre we have two Smiths in the Battery. This is the plane that cracked up.  Nobody got hurt in it. taken on my way back from Beppu.