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Fukouka and Beppu, Japan.



This is a scene at Beppu.This is a shot of the train going into a tunnel.This is a station on the way back from Beppu. This was taken while they were unloading at Saitozaki.This is Capt. Pring. He's my Battery Commander, It was taken at Beppu.This was taken from the roof of the barracks looking toward the C.P.This was at Saitozaki I think.This is a Piper Cub L-4 Liason plane. It landed in front of the barracks at Kurume.This is the Mess hall, the covered walk connects the Mess Hall and barracks.This is the 11th field Mess Hall taken from the roof of the barracks. The ocean can be seen in the background. This is the Infantry encampment at Beppu. This is Sedwick, Herzherg and Locke.This is the Motor Pool at Beppu.This is Service Batterys motor pool at Beppu while on maneuvers. This is the doughboys watching an Artillery demonstration the shell burst are circled.