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Kurume, Japan.



Mail plane taking off. Pretty good picture isn't it. I don't know how I got it so good.Another view of the "Dixie jr" that's the name of the plane.  It also had a girl painted on it.Mail plane that landed on the parade ground at Kurume.Dispensary KurumeMotor pool at Kurume.Barracks Kurume 'X' marks my room.Coming back from Beppu maneuvers. I still have a lot of pictures of Beppu maneuvers.Kurume Railroad station(to much writing, words below)(to much writing, words below)On the way to Beppu.These were taken at a carnival they had here.Mugford at Kurme

Dog at Kurume: "Just a dog that followed me around at Kurume. I had one dog walk post with me at camp one time. He walked all around my post with me twice."

Factory at Kurume: "This is that same factory. It struck me as unusual because it was clean and apparently undamaged by the war."