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Walking around Fokouka, Japan



Me again, sloppy looking ain't I.(no writing)(No writing on back.. But notice the 'x' and arrows on top right.. Maybe his room.)To much writing, look below for text, image 1.This is that picture of the ship in the other picture.This is a picture of a wrecked oil tanker. There is a couple of sunken ships in the bay.To much writing, look below for text, image 2



Image 1 --> This was taken on the beach. We were walking along the beach towards the sea when we came upon this wreck. I don't know if you can notice it but it was awfully windy. That's why I had my hat off. We also came upon a air raid shelter, barbed wire, slit trenches and places where the (could not read more)

Image 2 --> This was taken along the bay in Fukouka. That's Fukouka in the background. That picture of me . That ship in the background is taken a little further down. That large ship in this picture is the same one. The kids where bashful as heck. Most of them turned their heads. They wouldn't talk to us at first but I gave them a couple yen and then they said a few words. They followed us for a little . (could not read more)