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4th of July parade Fukouka Japan


Here is a close up of the provost marshall sign

Provost Marshall

24th Rg. Div. ARTY

This is another one of the floatsThis is another float parked in front of the gym.This is the camp band or Spike Jones and his city chickens.This is a picture of one of the floats in the July 4th parade. It is entitled IWO JIMA. It represented the flag raising there.This is the Children of dependents float.This float is entitled Miss Div Arty.  That's the camp cammander's daughter.  (on the float)This is a picture of the guards marching to the guard house.This is cpl. Sellars, a good friend of mine. The cannon is a Japanese war trophy of the 11th's.This is the refreshment stand at the Red Cross carnival on July 4th.  That's the Red Cross in the back ground.This is the Provost Marshall's building. It was taken from the roof of the Red Cross in town.This is the theaterJust a couple of the boys. Cobert, Koide, and Clark.  The middle guy, Koide, is one of my best buddies.