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I recently began going through my Father's photo album from his time in the Army. I am working on scanning them and cleaning them up a bit for this web page.  Some of the pictures are missing; I'm still looking for them.  He also wrote on the back of most of the pictures.  I will try to put the text in a bubble, so if you hover over the picture, you will see what he wrote.

His name is James J. Zettek (1928 - 1977).  He joined the Army in 1946 and was in the occupational forces in Japan after the fighting was over.  I believe he went to boot camp at Fort Sheridan, Ill.  He then went through training at Ft. Bragg, NC.  He also spent time in Ft. Lawton, Wa.  He then shipped over to Camp Hakata in Fukouka, Japan.  He was a member of the 11th Field Artillery.  He left the Army as a T-5 (Technician 5th grade) in June of 1948.

These images were on the first page of His album (roll over with mouse)

This was not in the album, I repaired it. Rollover image below to see repaired image.

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I will be adding pages as I scan them


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