Crew Page USS McCandless FF-1084


The following are people who have contacted me so far.

Phil Floria (BTSC retired) Greg Chetwood (BT retired) Submitted by Lenny Udell
David D'Ermilio (Lt.) Lawrence Meyers
Kevin Rinish (HT3) Rob France FC1(SW)
Rusty Gay (SM3) David Mann (MM2)
Marc Killam (BT3 73 - 77) Craig Eitreim (77-80)
Michael Cote (QM1) John Gincott (76-79)
John Stein (MR2) Dan Lesheski (MM2)
Michael Cleary (MM 81-85) John Leary (IC3)
Michael Helinsky (FC3 89-90) Dave Gaskins (EM2 71-75)
Daniel Dumas (78-80, QM3) Lenny Udell (April 81 Dec 83)
David Smith (MM, 79-82) Tom Forbes (Capt)
William Fanelli (BT2) Bill (Smitty) Smith (RM 85- )
Dexter Tucker (MM3 87 - 90) Spencer Wadell (SH)
Ronald Cain (MM1.. retired MMCS) Jim Szerletich (EN3 81-85)
Anthony Roberson (MM) Robert Dumont (GM Nov 83- Mar87 - retired)
Chris Welty (GMG2 83-87) Rogers (GMG2 SW 84-89)

I have created a photo album for all to use. Please feel free to view previously submitted pictures here.


If you register, then you can also submit your own pictures. I will approve just about any picture, but please understand that this is a family friendly web page.