This is Jim's new ride.

It's a 1952 M-211 - 2 1/2 Ton - 6x6 Truck. This is the Army's transport truck during the Korean war.

The M211 is a very unique vehicle in that it was a transition design between the GMC CCKW of WWII and the more modern M35 RIO. The M211 and the M35 directly competed for contracts back in the early 1950s. The M211 served in both Korea and early Viet Nam. The M211 also served in reserve units all across the US, National Guard units and foriegn armies all around the world. The M211 was designed and built on much the same type of chassis as the CCKW only much heavier. The engine is a GMC 302 cid with about 120 hp. The entire truck was built with service in mind and has quite a few little "make it easier to work on" features. Head light guards are hinged at the bottom and just snap into place at the top for headlight bulb access. The entire power pack (radiator, engine, transmission and transfer case) comes out as one unit. The truck has a 24 volt electrical system and is completely water proofed with sealed ignition, intake and all sub-componants. The M211 can ford up to five feet of water but cases of deeper fording are not uncommon. The automatic transmission has four forward gears in high range, four in low range and one reverse in each range. The high range reverse should be avoided at all times as this is the transmission's "Achilles heal".

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Inside the cab
Inside the Engine compartment
Restoration work